SSM Smart Square

SSM Smart Square : A Precise Tool for Healthcare System for Better Labor Management

Smart Square is a software specially developed for the healthcare professionals with fully automated features such as ssm smart square scheduling, planning, deployment, staffing, and reports of the entire process from start to end. Now, the question is how can one get benefit from it, well the answer is below

  • With Smart Square, you can create unbiased and fair schedules which can be done by implanting your industry rules that will guarantee equality and counterpart resources with the demand of the patients.
  • Develop hands-on and deliberate staffing plans which are essential for being ahead in the competition. As the software will help to forecast exact requirements.
  • Align efficiency with resources by comparing hours with the expenditure and formulating same-day modification to reside on a financial plan.
  • Handle last-minute requirements at the enterprise level with the system-wide deployment features that will increase the care level and reduce the costs.
  • Compute performance with reliable data with the productivity dashboards that will provide precise, actionable data from organization to the unit level.
SSM Smart Square


Role of Smart Square Tool

It is a crucial tool as it offers best practice work strategies in the healthcare industry with precise scheduling and staffing tools. It allows proficient scheduling of core staff and proactively supervises eventuality staff to meet the patient's needs. 

It is of great help in both the nursing as well as non-nursing departments. Innovation is something on which hospitals can thrive, and ssm smart square offers strategic approach unique opportunities when it comes to scheduling, savings of cost, and improvement in quality.

Access Smart Square on your devices

The good news is that you can access the software tool on your mobile devices, which makes things more straightforward, but how? Follow the below-mentioned instructions

SSM Smart Square

  • Open it directly in your browser
  • Visit menu  which is present on the screen bottom
  • Now click on the share button
  • Scroll to” Add Home Screen Button”
  • Click “Add”
  • Enjoy the features

These are the easy steps that you have to follow to get it on your home screen for easy access to the tool.  For ssm smart square login, you can visit the website and register your account to get the username and password, after which you will be able to go through SSM features, services, and other vital information.

An ideal Healthcare Scheduling Tool

Scheduling shifts in the health care system that is daunting  and approaches like self-scheduling, cyclic scheduling, and on-call, etc. are  being used  along with  some strategies, but with the  SSM tool everything is covered atone place such as

  • Pre Posting
  • Self-scheduling
  • Cyclic Scheduling
  • On-call Scheduling
  • Open shift Management
  • Rapid shift recruit and much more

The tool helps in saving a tremendous amount of time because it helps in better and balanced scheduling. After all, pointing out troubles is much easier now. It offers transparency by providing everything on the single screen from demands to staffing levels. Ssm smart square is straightforward and straightforward to use tool along with tons of analytics and simple functionality when it comes to scheduling.

The Healthcare system where this tool is used enjoys the leading innovation features with its implementation as it has significantly eliminated staffing chaos.

It is a powerful predictive scheduling tool that helps build better staffing plans and better schedules in no time and is also updated frequently so that more and more productivity can be added to it.

It also provides all of the leadership in a single source for data like schedule dashboard, variance dashboard, and financial dashboard and news and original features. It is a must to have software in the healthcare system to benefit both staff and the patients.

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