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Mygroundbiz : A Simple, Friendly Online Portal By FedEx

The internet has simplified the way of living for everyone. Not only this, but the internet has proven to be a key tool to access information regarding anything. Today, we are going to talk about Mygroundbiz, a web-based portal designed to help registered users with the FedEx Company when they want to acquire any details about the company.

This portal has launched by the FedEx Company, which is going to provide greater assistance to people associated with it regarding the latest details and updates about them.

Using this portal you can access the information and news related to vehicle sales, success stories, links to vendors, etc. Moreover, it is quite possible to get unique data about the company including charge statements, settlements, eForms, and much more. The best part is that this online website can be accessed by those users, who are exclusively registered with GroundBiz FedEx, and the main prerequisite to access this portal is that you must have a valid Mygroundbiz account.

One can also get info regarding other services offered by the company such as checking the expected date, time of the delivery, and status of the parcel. The primary goal of this portal is to ease out the life of employees and customers both at the same time.


Registration Procedure

To take complete advantage of the Mygroundbiz Fedex account, the first step is to register with it. Are you willing to sign up with this portal? Don’t panic! just an easy-to-follow procedure and you will be done with the registration. While registering, they may ask you some personal details about yourself and it needs to be submitted correctly.

Details including user ID, first and last name, email address, place of birth, company name, etc. There are different languages available on this portal, where you can select the one based on your preferences.


Remember that you need to confirm the kind of business, such as FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground, etc. Once you provide all the right details to them, the registration procedure will be completed and you will be provided with an account activation number that you need to activate for sure. If you skip activation, then you will not be going to access your account at Mygroundbiz

It is very simple to login to this portal when you wish to receive any info. Mygroundbiz is a user-friendly and secure portal. So, you do not need to worry about any issues. Still, if you face any issue, you can reach the customer care to resolve your issue.

Uses of Mygroundbiz

This portal is not only beneficial for customers, even employees can also benefit from it. After accessing Mygroundbiz Fedex account, one can check info like:

  • Links to service providers or vendors
  • Latest info about the company’s rules and regulations, or much more
  • Latest news about current happenings in the company
  • Details about the sales of vehicles
  • Stories about the company’s success and its employees as well that can give motivation
  • Exclusive info about the company including expense reports, billings, electronic forms, etc.

With Mygroundbiz Fedex, one can join any service such as Pickup and Delivery (P&D) and Linehaul. Both services are offered by the FedEx Company and have a variety of tasks to be performed individually. Hence, if you are willing to know anything about the FedEx Company, just login to Mygroundbiz and get the details in front of you, but only if you are an exclusive member of the company.

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