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FPUA Login : The Sunrise City Employee Benefits Guide

Fort Pierce works for the public interest by providing quality public services and also takes responsibility of providing safe environment to the citizens. They have hardworking team of employees who work hard for the welfare of the citizens. Fort Pierce also known by the name of sunrise city is the hub of St. Lucie County for over hundred years now.

It is located at treasure coast named after Spanish treasure fleet in1715. It is among the oldest communities situated on the east coast of Florida. The city grew from 300 pioneers to 40,000 residents.  The city is having its own job market which is flourishing and there are more than 1,000 employees working and the number is rising.

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The city takes very active role business recruitment, development and also creates job opportunities for the residents. There are not many communities of small sizes that welcome millions of visitors that boast magnitude of regional assets in the city. To make the city thrive and flourishing it is important to take care of the employees because they are the valuable assets.

The city  keeps on recruiting  future employees  and develop  and retain  existing  employees by offering them  with the precise compensation  and packages  throughout the employee career. Employees can visit the official website of sunrise city and with fpua login they can get hands on all the employee benefits plans.

Note You must check official website : https://portal.fpua.com/app/login.jsp

Employee Benefits

There are number of benefits which employees enjoy while working at the sunrise city such as annual leaves, sick leaves, sick leave conversion, perfect attendance and much more.

Retirement Benefits

Employee Contribution = 8%

Pensionable earnings include up to 300 hours of overtime per fiscal year

Vesting = 6 Years

Average Final Compensation (AFC) = 2.5% of pensionable earnings for each year of creditable service

Maximum Benefit = 80% of AFC

Normal Retirement = Age 62 and six (6) years of creditable service

Early Retirement = Age 57 and six (6) years of creditable service, up to 3% annual reduction for each year prior to normal retirement age

13th check paid in December each year following retirement

Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) = 6 years (72 months) maximum; eligibility is at least early retirement age and vested in retirement plan.

DROP Interest Rate = 4%, compounded annually

City-Paid Medical Benefits

Group Health Insurance: The City pays for 100% of the cost for single coverage for full-time employees and 66.66% of cost for Dependent/Family Coverage. Upon retirement and separation from City employment, employee receives a monthly stipend of $350 per month, applicable toward retiree health coverage.

Life Insurance: $30,000

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D): $10,000

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Cigna Behavioral

Optional Voluntary Benefits at Employee’s Cost the City offers the following optional voluntary benefits paid by the employee.  

Voluntary Single or Family Dental Insurance Coverage

Voluntary Single or Family Vision Insurance Coverage

Voluntary Accident Indemnity Advantage

Voluntary Life Insurance Coverage

Voluntary AD&D

Voluntary Long Term Disability Insurance Coverage

Voluntary Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

Voluntary Short Term Disability  Voluntary Catastrophic Health & Intensive Care

Voluntary ICMA Retirement Compensation Programs o ICMA 457 Deferred Compensation Plan o ICMA 401(a) Governmental Purchase Plan.

For more details employees can go for fpua login and check out the various plans, benefit packages and much more at the official website of sunrise city. These benefits are designed for the welfare of the employees and their families.

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