I Bought a Car and Lost the Title before I Registered It

I Bought a Car and Lost the Title before I Registered It

There are many times in life when we totally forget where we have kept our important documents. Even the worse we just lose them and we can do nothing about it. Title certificate of your vehicle is one important document which we can lose, but nothing to worry as you can get replacement of this important document.

I Bought a Car and Lost the Title before I Registered It

One serious question that might come in your mind is what if I lose the title certificate before registering it into your name? This can be daunting and tricky, but nothing is impossible in 21st century and this problem can also be resolved. The majority of the states in USA have the same procedure and you can check it on the official website of the DMV.

Solution Number One

In case you lose certification of title to your vehicle you own presently and it was into your name the majority of the states will allow you to apply the replacement of the document from DMV or state secretary. You need to show them some important document that says the vehicle is registered into your name.

You will also have to pay fee to obtain new certification of tile. Your new certificate will have stamp of replacement which is definitely not a problem as many people have this document when they lose the real document.

The tricky part is to get the registration in your name in case you lost it and the seller has already signed into your name at the time you bought the vehicle. The certification has your name on it and now it is lost.

In case you were thinking of skipping title and you did not have your name on it, it is the similar spot. You have your vehicle, but you do not have one of the most important document. There is going to be no record of the document saying that you are the real owner of the vehicle.

What is the Solution?

The first thing you must do is to go back to the seller and request them replacement of the title.  Once it is received by them you can ask them to sign it over to you. This solution will only work when your seller is cooperative. You might face disappointment if the seller denies helping you.  In case you fail to get the title in this manner there are 3 more different ways to get the replacement of title.

1. You will need court order that awards you with the title. It should have year, identification number of vehicle and make. In this case you will have to take the assistance of the authorities and not many prefer this method.

2. The second way is going to be posting a surety bond.  If you have any old model, you can get the surety bond from bonding company or your insurance company for the price of twice the value of the vehicle. Your bond needs to be placed for 3 years.

State will issue you with the certificate of title and will also need a witness who can claim that the car actually belongs to you. This process is going to toll on your pocket and it is the way of the authority to see that the vehicle actually belongs to you.

3. Last resort methods are the third in the list where you will self certify your vehicle.  In case the vehicle is ten year old and have worth less than $2,500 you will need to fill a form called TR-205. In this form you need to explain how you obtained the vehicle, confirmation of the value of the car. This is among the easiest method among the three and mostly people who lose their title follow it.

For this method you can complete evaluations online and get the printed documents after appraisal.  It is easy and acceptable.

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