How to write good blog post ?

First step of creating a blog is not so difficult as writing a blog. Now most difficult task in blogging is to write a blog post unique than others. Every blogger wants that his blog must be visited by regular readers or loyal readers. Getting your blog name on the first page of any Search Engine is too difficult, if your blog content is not unique (must be self written). If you are coping content from other blogs and publishing it as it is to your blog, nothing's going to happen, you will loose your readers, advertiser and everything.
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Newbie bloggers always face one question that is "How to Write or create blog post?". Let's get started with tips for creating own posts for blog.

4 Tips to Creating and writing blog post


Reading is the most powerful weapon to learn something new. Reading newspapers, blogs, magazines, books can give you regular updates regarding any subject. Reading books related to your subject of blog and so on. From reading you can gain more knowledge and ideas.


Second thing is observation. You can observe others blogs related to your subject. How you can get traffic to your blog? Either from Search engine or Social bookmarking sites? There are two ways to get more traffic to your blog, one is Search engine and second through Social bookmarking sites.

Search Engine: You need to get more organic traffic. This means getting your blog visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo , Ask etc.
Social Bookmarking: Creating a page on social bookmarking sites like Facebook,twitter etc. This will help to let people know about your blog. It will help to create your fan club.


No one is perfect. when you write any article or any documents then definitely some mistakes will occur. These mistakes are created anonymously. To avoid such mistakes try to write your post in MS Word. This will eliminate most of the mistakes. You can further edit your post in Notepad for removing extra spaces. Now you can paste your post in Compose Menu of your blog. This is the best way for newbie bloggers. Check out your mistakes from your blog comments, forum discussion etc. You can also take help of your friend for checking. As it is easier for other person to find your mistakes. learn from our mistakes and try to avoid them in future.

Mind and Brain

Writing any content will always take time. Think over your topic in mind before writing. That means what ever comes in your brain just write it down. Do not think over it. After writing your article check out grammatical mistakes and then make it fair.
For example: If you write a technology blog then you can put your opinion or review regarding your blog. After completing it your reader can reply you. Writing a review in your own words automatically creates post free of copy.
These are few tips for writing unique and best article for your blog. If you like this post please share it. Reply by posting your comment. I am more than happy to help you with your quarries.
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