Send sms from your Google Gmail account

Gmail, owned by Google is one of the leading e-mail service provider. Those using gmail chat, will now be able send sms across the country. This is the special service introduce by Google for its Gmail users. If you want to send sms to your friends, then it is important to add respective mobile number into Gmail address book. From this added number, you will be able to send sms through Gmail chat window. Any reply from the recipient in the form of SMS can be automatically seen on your chat window. From 10 October 2012 onwards this service will be provided to the Indian users. Both accessing Gmail on desktop and mobile apps users can access or take benefit of this new Gmail service. Google also told that this service is available for the all mobile service provider.

send sms through Gmail
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50 SMS are available for one user
  • With 50 sms credit you can send 50 sms's'
  • When one sms is sent, then their is one credit loose from you credit
  • But when you get reply for sent sms, then 5 sms credit will be automatically updated in your account.
  • When 50 sms credit ends. You can buy the sms credit by purchasing it from Google.
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