Meta Description To Blogger Blog In Search Engines Instantly

Google powered blogger is of the most popular blogging platform. But a large number of bloggers don't know the method to add meta description to blogger hosted blog. It can really help the blog to rank high in search engine to reach next level. There are various method to add meta description to your blogger hosted blog. I am going to give two most popular and easier method for common users to savvy users.

Before going to add meta description, just I am going to talk a little about the use of it, meta description yet extremely effective to boost the targeted blog in search engine ranking with cost effectiveness. Meta description will appear in search engine result page just bellow the article title. So it has great importance for users as well as blogger too. Meta description will appear in search engine each and every time.

 The two major useful methods are - HTML editing method and Easy Inbuild Enable method

A. HTML editing method to adding meta description :

Open and enter your account - Adding meta description depend on your template-

  • Log in to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on "Design" > "Edit HTML" > back up your template
  • If you are using a standard or unedited template, find the code below.
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Now add your description and include the divider as it is shown below
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<title><data:blog.pageTitle/> | PLACE YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE </title>

  •  If your template is a custom or edited the find the code below.

Now add meta description and include the divider as shown below.

<title><data:blog.title/> | PLACE YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE </title>
  • Click "SAVE TEMPLATE".
B. Easy Inbuild Enable method :

Inbuild enable method is easiest method and any one can do it with in a minute.

  • Log in blogger account
  • Go to Settings > Search preferences > Meta tags > Description and click the Edit link.
  • Click the Yes radio button to enable search description.
  • Enter the meta description for your blog.
  • Click Save Changes button.
Meta Tag for blogspot

Bonus Tips :

It is new feature for blogger hosted blog which allows users to add meta description to any individual page or url with very little effort. Just write or edit your post and follow as given bellow -

meta description

  • Click Posts and select a post to edit.
  • Click Search Description option under Post settings.
  • Enter the meta description for the post and click Done.
Final thoughts of the author :-

It should be noted that when you are done with editing the changes doesn't take effect immediately as it may take some days before it will appear in search engines particularly in Google .


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