15 Local SEO Strategies for 2013

This days their is competition in every field, so the question always arises in my mind that, What are the things i have to do for better promotion of business locally? I have come across this question quite frequently, well their is no direct reply but I am trying to come up with an answer for our small business owners and entrepreneurs. Trying to make decisions in implementation of marketing strategies for own organizations or firms, needs some extra ordinary measurements on this context. If your business runs online then no matter how large or small your business is the local search engine optimization (SEO) is a proven method to increase online traffic and eventually increase customers.

SEO Local

The easiest way to get more effective results is to combine strategies of local SEO and SEM ((search engine marketing) and which should be used properly. Expert says that SEO strategies can potentially reduce the expensive cost of a traditional marketing campaign in real world. Before starting your seo strategies, you must check out these 15 Local SEO Strategies for 2013 tips to increase your business visibility online.

1. Use Webmaster Tools Properly:

Bing and Google Webmaster tools are the most useful and those are fully free of cost. So Before using any search engine rather than Google, it needs to complete reading about Google guidelines because major search engines  follow Google’s TOS. You must read Google Webmaster Tools’ Google’s Design and content guidelines, Google’s Technical guidelines  and Webmasters’ Quality guidelines.

2. Use Correct Meta Tag:

The Meta tags are short descriptions of web pages which are placed under website or blog codes. Actually this Meta tag are not seen by the normal users but Search engines catch this code for better ranking. Meta tags must be under 160 words and must clearly indicate your business or service. Another important thing is that your contact details must be visible in home page or loading page which can help your site show up higher in search results as Google spam team manually looks after these things to prevent spamming sites.

MEta Tags

3. Image Optimization Perfectly:

The images have great impact on website visibility and search engine rankings via ALT attributes or alt tags which is a description of the image. Search engine bots crawl the images and categorize the images via alt attributes. Sometimes on the browser side, the image is not shown or loads slowly but alt will show what is the image all about. Once targeted website is up and running properly then you can add the alt tag on each and every image.

4. Perfect XML Site Map:

XML site map is a list of URLs of your site. There are two types of site map normally generated for a site such as search engine friendly site map and user friendly site map. It is better to link the site map to each and every pages of your site. The site map can promote your site’s individual pages which increases page views and reduces bounce rate.

5. Standard URLs:

User friendly URL can bring more visitors to your site those visitors can eventually become regular customers. Normally avoid special characters in URLs such as,

http://focusa2z.com /author?=purbitaditecha [ wrong url ]
http://focusa2z.com/author/purbitaditecha [standard url]

Standard url helps to keep crawl parameters short and make it easy to remember able.

6. Relevant Backlinks Strategies:

Backlinks or pointing links means how the other website point your site or how many page links is added by other websites that redirect to your website. It will surely indicate your site popularity among online users. So their is need of a backlinks strategy but keep in mind that natural links can bring more reputation to your website. Another important factor of backlinks is Google Page Rank. So backlinks should be made manually or without using any easy backlinking tools otherwise your site will be blacklisted by Google.

7. Social Media Profiles:

Social media has already become a powerful tool to reach common users. They can be your potential future customers /client. Major social media websites allow business firm or company to create Profile page and they allow publicizing (free and premium). So it is needed to create profiles on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Meetme, Pinterest etc. You can promote your product and announcement via these profiles to get more exposure.

8. Performance Analyze:

Analytics are the main tools for monitoring your sites performance. There are a lots of free and paid analytics available online such as Google Analytics, Clicky, ShinyStatReinvigorate, StatCounterWoopra and many more. But my recommendation is Google Analytics for better monitoring.

9. Search Engine Submission:

Website submission to search engine is a crucial matter for any webmaster or entrepreneur because it largely influences the SERP ( search engine result page ) result. It has already become a great marketing strategy for entrepreneurs. There are thousands of websites; those offer free submission on search engine.
SEO Parameters

10. Local Listing:

Google+ Local , Yahoo Local, Bing Local and many more services available online and maximum are free of cost. So it is better to submit your business on those free listing and get connected with local users, those can eventually become your customer.

11. Local Interview or Testimony:

Indulge a survey on your brand or business via online and offline which may give you more exposure on it. The Yelp is one of the trusted sites to build exposure, monitor public opinion of your brand. You can find many other similar site those carry survey on behalf of your company or firm or business.

12. Better Press Release:

Press Release is of the best way to reach updated towards consumers as well as common people. So create some thing new which must be newsworthy and release it via well established media such as  PRWeb.com and PRLeap.com and many more. I am sure,it will drive lots of traffic to get more expos.

13. Online Community Interactive:

Social networks and forum are the main place for online interaction. You can easily get your voice on them with real time update. Digital Forum, Webmaster Forum, B2B forum and many more such networks help to reach new community members. Commenting on others websites and blogs is another better way to get engage with other marketers. Forum interactive is more effective than twitter and Facebook.

14. Ask Question On Promotional niche:

Asking question on other website about your product and service can help you to get more exposure such as Quora, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Simply go to those sites and ask question on your targeted topic and some one will reply your queries. Make sure to check about your topic whenever some has asked about it, you should simply reply to the question with your referral links .

15. Article Marketing via blogging:

Blogging is great tool for exposing our site through our products and services. A large number of corporate bosses recommended it as a great marketing tools. Content is the king in blogging strategies, so create good quality content about your product and service then publish them in your own blog(s) and others’ related blogs. Now this days, it is called guest blogging and it is a proven method to get more traffic to your site which is a great marketing tools .

Final Conclusion:
Have I missed any important information about this topic? if so then please provide me with feedback for future update. Thanks for reading !
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