7 Keyword Research Mistakes That Stifle Your SEO Strategy

It is very hard to say, how to get organic search traffic to your site or blog but it is one of the most cost-effective indications of blogging as well as lead generation. So maximum SEO experts follow a few extra ordinary methods and precautions in the process of SEO strategies. Maximum SEO experts spend plenty of time optimizing their online presence to get ranked in the SERPs for important keywords either own blogs or clients’ blogs. It is seen that newbie those are just starting SEO as a part of their internet marketing strategies, they normally do a few mistakes. Probably only a few of them familiar with the need to conduct keyword research to inform the content and SEO strategies that help achieve that rocking organic presence for their blogs or websites. There are tones of keywords and keywords finding tools, so which one is better for you and how to choose a better one! Target orientated keyword choosing and content creation is a better art in blogging field.

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Firstly you have to keep an eye on search terms either in Google Adwords tools or any other online tools. But my personal experience says that it is not a bad idea to keep an eye on a lot of search terms in 2+ online keywords tools. It is known to all that time management is one of the most essential factor of your SEO strategies, you won’t get far spreading your efforts so thin over this factor. That’s for why avoiding mistakes when conducting your keyword research which can bring perfect keywords to reach targeted SEO strategy.

1. Wrong or irrelevant Keyword selection:

It is seen that selecting keywords those don’t reflect how people actually search in Search Engines give bad impact on targeted audience as well as search engines too. So it is better to target branded terms that describe your specific solution that many searchers aren’t familiar with yet or get acquired information which they needed.

2. Deeply Fall in Competitive Keywords:

Keywords research is one of the most effective factors to get organic searches for your content but it is highly risky task for newbie bloggers and content creators because there are thousands of keywords which give organic SERP result but few of our newbies get relevant with their own content. That’s why they fall in puzzle and waste more time in keyword research. So experts say that simply put some keywords those have less competition but have huge search.

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3. Avoid Focusing on Profitable Terms:

Maximum experts have expressed that explore your own keywords, no matter what your competitors are doing on those keywords. However, you have to always focus the search terms those are targeting your business or service.

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Personalize the keywords which have the best conversion rate from lead-to-customer or lead clients, and then take it one step further for better performance.

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4. Unnatural Distribution of Keyword:

It has been already proved that all keywords are created will do in SERP because some of them extremely difficult to rank high in search engine. So typically long-tail keywords are better which can drive a little more traffic to your site.

5. Avoiding Geographic Target:

Lots of newbie even savvy bloggers and content creators neglect geographic located keywords and that’s for why they get a little success in traffic. Expert says that before targeting a search term, ensure the traffic originates in your area of business or service. So first you have to confirm geo target orientation. You can easily filter searches by location in Google’s Keyword Tool which is fully free and easy to use.

6. Neglect Monitoring Search Trends:

Monitoring your search trends is one of the important factors in keyword research. It is better to consider to target specific keywords and get full trend report on those which gives an idea for your future strategies. This is a hard and crucial research tactic for enough content written in advance to rise in the search rankings during the seasonal time or festival time, and keep you in the top when the season is in full swing for better business of the year. You can use tools like Google Insights for Search for free.

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7. Failure of Time Management and Adjust:

Time management is one of the most essential factor for any business either online or offline. So you have to maintain all the things with a specific time such as monitor the search trends of keywords, monitor keywords and research the upcoming seasonal keywords. You must keep in mind of regular content creation as well as link building strategies too. In either way success will come to your keywords strategies.

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Keyword is one of the better strategies of content business which is called blogging in standard words. So blogging must be following the basic rules of bloggers mind which can drive huge traffic to your product(s) or service(s). Professional bloggers are doing well for keywords research service providing to corporate world as well as their own blogs too.
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