Build a Niche Store

Instant Successful Ways to Build A Niche Store

Niche store is not a new idea for online marketers and entrepreneurs it was started from very first year of online marketing strategies. There are thousands of people who have become millionaire via niche stores. But time has changed its direction and marketing strategies have changed filed mechanisms.

Build a Niche Store

It was bad for marketers and entrepreneurs that they are getting very least traffic on their store cum websites after Google Panda and Penguin updates. Directly, we can say that Google has almost kill the niche stores because search traffic has decreased highly and now it is only dependent on referral traffic either paid or free. So, maximum niche store experts have already aired their opinions against build a niche site for marketing. However, if you have good referral traffic source and got some bucks in your pocket to advertise your niche store then you can easily build a niche store for make money online.

What is Affiliate Niche store:

The concept of niche store comes from affiliate marketing, so you need to understand affiliate marketing before entering niche store. Normally, Niche stores are simply front-ends to affiliate offers of any product or service and affiliates or affiliate offers are provided by various companies, firms or individual.  The affiliate offers pay you for marketing company's Products and Services in those stores. When some one buys product or service from those stores then store owner receives commission under company's terms and condition. Normally people think blog and niche store are same but they are quite different things. The key differences between a niche store and a blog are that a niche store focuses on existing products or services from other companies and owner has no liability on those but a blog focuses on articles and views of the owner or authors. Simply, we can say that if you have no time to write article or don’t want to write then simple build a niche store to continue generating money online as a marketer. Niche stores are relatively easy to set-up and require very little ongoing maintenance which is a great plus point for marketers.

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Step 1: Build a Niche Store

After choosing a domain name and hosting service you have to go with a site builder either paid or free service which allows building your dream niche store. There are thousands of site building software available in World Wide Web. I have previously used the software package called Build a Niche Store (BANs) and it worked great and made building an eBay based niche store really simple in late 2008 but the time has changed. After Google changed it’s search algorithm and banned BANs from search. Maximum marketers have migrated their niche stores to self hosted WordPress. It is easier to handle a WordPress based niche store. I am sure WordPress is one of most used software in the world for building a website.

The clear tutorial to set up niche store via WordPress-

a. Configure the Nameservers
b. Upload WordPress
c. Create a Database
d. Install WordPress
e. Choose A Theme
f. Configure the Basics via plugins
g. Secure WordPress
h. Create Essential Pages
i. Optimize For Search Engines
j. Set up Analytics
k. Keep Back Up
l. Set up Caching
m. Publicize

Step 2: Getting Affiliate links:

One thing you should know that every thing is done for selling products or services, so you have to get some affiliate links and code to place on your store which display products and service details from company or firm. But keep in mind that your product selection is one of the important factors to get more sales and more sales mean more income for your store. There are tons of websites those provides affiliate links for niche stores such as Amazon, ebay, clickbank and many more. But some websites takes a few days to approve your niche store and some allows instantly.

Step 3: Publicize Niche store:

Publicize or publicity is one of the major factor of success in any business either online or offline. So, your dream niche store will bring nothing until it will be circulated around the globe. There are thousands of ways to get publicize but it has mainly 2 types such paid publicize and non paid publicize. Paid version is called advertisement which can take place either any publication sector either online or offline. Normally add networks handle advertisement with their advanced strategies such as Google Adsnse, Yahoo Ads, MNS ads and many more online. TV, Radio etc are also good for paid publication. On other hand free publication includes, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Google+ etc profiles’ publications. Free classified and social bookmarking also works fine for free publication.

Build Niche Store


I have already mentioned earlier that Google likes the site which is really informative and bearing quality contents but niche store has the republic a of products come from provider’s site or store. So, easily we can say that niche stores are not real stores, which is violation of Google’ policy, other word niche stores are duplicate contents. So, Google SERP gives no importance on niche store. However, those have great source of referral traffic or budget for publicize, they can surely try with niche store to make money online.
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