How many outbound links per page should Google allow?

Outbound links

How many links on a page Google should allowed?

After the Google Algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin and last Humming Bird update; everyone started caring about their blogs as well as SEO because no one want an attack on their blog by any of this Google animals.

Sometime your blog might also be attacked by this, during such senario if you want your blog to recover from Google updates then you must following some guidelines other updates and reading lots of things.

One of the most popular question in the blogging world is that "How many links on a page should Google Allow ?"; same question is published in the Google Webmaster forum which Matt Cutts answered. Watch the following video on Matt Cutts to get more detailed knowledge and get your answer more clearly.

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If your homepage links contain 6 out-bounded links then your Pagerank is divided by 6. If you have 100's of links then your page rank is divided by this 100. Pagerank flows with how many links going out from your page (out-bounded links).

Having tons of links from your blog to other blogs may look like a Spam.

There is no particular limit put by Google for How many links you should put on your page.

How many outbound links to have per page?

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