What is the best SEO strategy for failed content consultant?

Best SEO strategy for failed content consultant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the highest discussed terms among the bloggers, webmasters, marketers and website owners which is an intricate method to get attention of search engine. Recently concluded survey says thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide scrambling for an SEO strategy which works properly in right direction but unfortunately and few of SEO strategies get successful campaigns.

best SEO strategy

There thousands of seo strategies have been ended with big failures but why those failed. Our Today’s article tries to figure out top 10 root case of seo strategy failure. Just check out the reasons given bellow-
1. Avoid Over smart firms /strategies:

It is seen that a large number of seo firms make wild claims that they can rank your site at the top in SERP for any keyword and any business which is totally a false claim. So you should avoid such firms or individual(s). SEO market and your niche is already there and your competitors keywords ranked top. So their is need of some specialization on your specific niche and keywords with good and unique quality content to over thorough your competitors. Internet is already overcrowded globally. Hence, success in the Internet Marketing industry depends upon specialization of your special niche and keywords.

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2. Lack the keywords monitoring trends:

Keywords monitoring is one of the best practices in seo strategies but most of marketers fail to monitor the selected keywords which are chosen for business success. It needs regular keywords monitoring and analysis.

3. Website redesign fails to corporate with seo strategies:

Normally, it is needed to redesign a business website in particular time period, so the site may not have to be bother with seo strategies. You need to take sincere attention on your seo strategies which may follow changes in the website considering seo friendly as well as user friendly strategies.

4. Abnormal Keyword stuffing:

Lots of websites show that they have poor quality contents but large numbers of highly searched keywords are included on contents. Websites with poor quality content and highly searched keywords may be the cause of search engine penalty.

Keyword stuffing
So it should keep in mind that keywords densities should never exceed 2-4% of your total content in a particular page or post.

5. SEO consultant doesn’t bother with client’s necessity:

A lot of seo consultants don’t know what is the business of his/her client, so they can never be able to choose relevant keywords for your business and ultimately their executed seo strategies finally fail. So it is better to go with expert seo consultant who knows your business better than you. If you are brand new in business then you should go alone with learning process through interaction with online communities. 

6. Heavy Link spamming:

A lot of free and premium tools are available for link building purpose which normally build poor quality links pointing to your site, those are considered as link spamming. When search engine looks the link spamming then dramatically your SERP rank will decrease and some time it may be a case of your site getting banned in search engine. So keep in mind that natural link building is a better strategy of pointing in Off-page SEO.

SEO Strategy and Content

7. Client’s inactive strategies and involvement:

A large number of clients think that handing over their seo strategies to consultant is enough and consult will do everything for them but it is fully wrong notion because no seo will execute any strategies perfectly with out involvement of the owner client. It needs active corporation from seo consultant and client because Social Media Marketing(SMM) fully depends on business owner, on the other hand Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also depends on owner - client due to authorship and some other factors of reliability and trust worthy ness of targeted business.

8. Falling Business will not be saved seo strategies:

It is seen that a few firms and individuals have lack of service, lack of products and lack of maintenance, those SEO strategies can’t save the doomed business. So concentrate first on your stock, service and reliability factors.

9. Bad Online reputation of your brand or product:

It is seen that maximum online users / customers search good reviews of your products or services. If you have done a lot of wrong deeds online then it is sure, your product(s) are already being listed as black rows. If such negative reviews are seen by any customers then they will never go with your product and services. So, it is better to manage your online reputation seriously.

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Some time it is seen that your competitors intentionally write bad review about your product as well as services. Don't get angry be cool, you have to reply them with positive attitude or try to solve his/her problem with your service and products. After finalizing the dispute request him /her to take down the negative review.

10. Uncertain goal of seo strategies:

My a little experience says that maximum failed seo strategies did not works due to lack of clear goal for the strategies. You should have a clear and specific goal for seo strategies, without highly defined goals any seo strategies will fail. So set a goal prior to start work on seo strategies.

Final Conclusion:

Failure is not a big deal , every successful business / individual faced the failure due to lack of knowledge of product and clear goal setting but we have to learn from our failures by making our business better and adapting new trends with time.


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