4 free Keywords tools to focus on your content marketing and SEO strategy

The content marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to get more exposure in search engine as well as user friendly pointing, but here the question arises, What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a legal process of writing article and publishing them on highly visited websites and blogs where your targeted visitors visit regularly. Content marketing is better than investing time and money in on-page SEO strategies. If you have limited budget and time then best practice is to start your marketing strategy with content marketing where you can write a few impartial own product reviews as well as same niche related others product reviews but keep in mind that don’t forget to put your product urls where they are relevant .
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Keywords are important to drive organic traffic from search engines but here the question arises, What are the keywords you have to use in your content? The answer is very simple as you have searched keywords in particular keyword tools, some are free and some are paid but both types are important for your keywords research strategies. Suppose you have chosen well and good keywords but still you have to do much more about your content which is content marketing. Recently carried out survey says that only 15% new searches enter in Google [ search queries on Google ] and rest are old keywords which indicates that your chosen keywords could still be useful for users.

There are a large number of keywords tools available online and some of them are free while some of them are premium. My recommendations are the best free four keywords tools which are given bellow:

1. Google AdWords Tools:
Google Adwords Tool  is one of the best tool for bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs till date and some Pros say it as king of the keywords which gives brainstorming keywords for your business success. You have to just log in to your Google account and visit Google AdWords where you will get a high-level metrics to tell your targeted keywords and their global and local search numbers monthly, quarterly and yearly which indicates local and global monitoring measurement. So, you can choose any relevant keywords for your business and service.
Google Adwords

Keep in mind that higher search volume keywords will have more competition but it will give you more determination and concentration in content marketing which will be great strategies for success.

>> Google AdWords Tools

2. Found’s Ultimate Keyword Concatenate Tool:

This keyword tool fully concatenates to find out the local searches, products and specific service on the locality with the organic and generic keyword lists. This tool helps to creating lists of long-tail keywords with out typing single words individually. Long-tail keywords are more powerful than single word keywords, so experts always suggest to use long tail keywords in content creation process. This concatenate tool is specific and useful when targeting multiple locations and geographic region with multiple keyword phrases on the contents.

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This useful tool lets you to put together keyword phrases up to 4 nos, so it is very easy to include qualifying numbers of words and phrases. Some exerts suggest to use it with combination of Google Adwords Tools which can help determine exact phrase and words  those related to your business or service .

>> Found’s Ultimate Keyword Concatenate Tool

3. Firefox’s Rank Checker Tools:

Firefox’s Rank Checker is one of the most using keywords tools from Mozila Firfox which can tell you about the ranking of keywords and which words to use for improving on your success.

Page Rank Success

This is an efficient way to check keyword ranking through Firefox’s Rank Checker tool which is used as supplementary of Google Adwords Tools. Simply type the url and list of your targeted keywords list then monitor the result. But keep in mind that overly using these tools will generate spam warning in Google search, so it is better to use these tools once in a week.

>>  Firefox’s Rank Checker Tools

4. Daily Google Trends:

Google trend is one of the best tool which helps you to find more relevant keywords on your niche or business. It measures the search frequency of keywords over time as daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly. However, it will not show exact search volume but you can take an idea about your keywords target orientation.

Warning to avoid Typo Tools 

Keyword Typo Generator

Some typo keywords tools are available in virtual world but never use such tools which is completely waste of time and energy such SEOBook’s Keyword Typo Generator and many more. These type tools can be the case of penalization of your site in search engines.

However, always remember that keywords research will be the main mantra for your content marketing success which brings tons of traffic to your targeted website or business. Because traffic is the fuel of any website and obviously traffics are converted to consumer.

>> Keyword Typo Generator

Conclusion :

Keywords searching are not the final success factor of your business as it needs well targeted content marketing. Content marketing should be started on the basis of keywords research which can bring targeted audience to your business and audience will convert to consumer if your content marketing strategies are running well. It is better to use 3 major search engines [Google, Yahoo and Bing) to search and monitor your specific keywords.
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