Is PageRank Still the Measure of a Website's Success?

 Does Page Rank measures for Website's Success?

Bloggers, Webmasters, marketers, entrepreneurs and website owners normally look to start their successful seo strategies and which is no wrong notion in corporate world. Normally bloggers and webmaster invest very less (money, time and energy) on their seo strategies than marketers and entrepreneurs because bloggers and webmasters are self seo specialists. In these strategies, they build keywords orientated contents, backlinks, content marketing, online interactive, social media profile popularity, on-page and off-page optimization and many more other tasks related to seo strategies. Their first target is SERP rank and latter aims to get high PageRank. Today’s article tries to cover the PageRank which is till a matter of affection for bloggers and webmasters. But why PageRank is so valuable till date?

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Google PageRank is the foundation of Google Incorporation. Google founder Larry Page and Sergerio Bean were PG students of Stanford University and they were given the project to find out websites popularity and other factors. This project was finished successfully by Larry Page along with his co researchers. After a few years Google has taken the project and renamed it as PageRank. A few years ago, Page Rank was the only meter to measure validate and top raking which indicated and influenced SERPs position and ranking too, but the scenario has already changed. Now PageRank has no influence in SERPs. So expert say that PageRank is the wrong metric to consider measuring a website’s success in their own business.

A. PageRank Is Not the Definition of Success:

There are large number of reasons identified by the experts, I am going to include some of them in this article.

1. Search Engine Result Page does not depend on PageRank:

There was a time SERP was depended on PageRank but advanced sophistication of search algorithm makes SERP more customized and individual user friendly.

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Recently concluded survey says that Search engine considers the user’s browsing  history and geo location in SERP such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter login may give different result for any search result. So same search terms are delivering different results for different users. So success will not depend on PageRank. It can be simply said as a raw indication of link popularity these days or self satisfaction tools from Google.

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2. PageRank Does Not Depend On Traffic:

PageRank is prone to fluctuation at the best of times among the websites. There is no such constant method to get success via PageRank as well as keywords popularity in SERPs. Contents are coming regularly and keywords changing its position daily basis whenever the Search Engine Algorithm changes with in short time. It is said that the natural interaction of changing search engine algorithm which means that page rankings are bound to fluctuate periodically. So PageRank doesn’t indicate the success of business.

3. Blackhat Tactics Useful In PageRank:

It is seen that a large number of SEO professional offer blackhat technique to get high PageRank which never indicate website’s success or traffic. On the other hand if the website’s any keyword ranks high in SERP then it is sure that the site will get tones of traffic and eventually the traffic becomes customers. So SERP ranking is more valuable than PageRank.

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B. What the things are important instead of PageRank:

A large number of website experts have expressed that PageRank is no longer a factor of website’s success. The Google team also has spent less time in PageRank comparison of Webmaster Tools. Internet survey suggests the website owners and entrepreneurs to keep attention on following factors given below to get success online business-

1. Webpage Conversion Rate
2. Website Bounce Rate
3. Users Click-Through Rate
4. Unique Keyword Traffic
5. Return Traffic flow

These factors are more important than PageRank, if any website gets high performance based on these factors then there is no doubt on success of the site. 


It is known to all that PageRank is updated every 3 months which is a big deal in website’s performance. So, it is better to give more attention on unique and quality content generation and observe the performance in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytic. So, don’t waste time on a metric which doesn’t bring any success story to your website as well as your business too.
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