Key2benefits Login

Key2benefits Login Guide 

key2benefits card is a prepaid debit card and it is issued by KeyBank of your state agency. If you have enrolled in any of the programs then you are going to receive a prepaid card. If you have enrolled in any of the below-mentioned programs.

>>  Housing authorities

>>  Unemployment insurance

>>  Pension funds

>>  Crisis intervention

>>  Workers compensation

>>  Child support payments

>>  State supplement assistance

>>  Adult public assistance

>>  Temporary assistance to needy families

Key2benefits Login


If you are expecting a card from your agency then you must visit the official website online. you will receive your card via email (2-3 weeks) after enrolling in the program mentioned above and applicable by the state agency. You can start using your card instantly after you activate your card. There are activation instructions available on the card which you have to follow to activate your card accurately. 

How to use My Card?

As already mentioned you will need to activate your card for which you will need to provide a card number along with the last four digits of your social security number and CVV number which is the three-digit number present at the back of the card. To activate your key2 benefit card call on the number which is present at the back of your card?

Now press 1, for I have a card, and again press 1, to activate your card after that speak your card number and your card will get activated. The last step is to self select your personal identification number or PIN for card use at ATMs.

How to Enroll in Benefits?

Once you get your card activated you can instantly start gaining benefits for which you can follow the below-mentioned steps

>>  First of all, you will need to visit the official website of the company

>>  Now you will need to enter the 9 digits of your card

>>  Enter SUBMIT

>>  Click o New user >enroll now  which can be seen  at the bottom of the screen

>>  Now enter a 16digit card number>PIN>card security code>enter the code as it appears in the shaded area

>>  Click continue

>>  After successfully entering all your information you will be prompted to set your User ID and password.

You must get your card from the state agency such as key2benefits illinois login will be required if you have applied it in Illinois.

Now you will be able to use your card and make purchases anywhere where it is accepted. You will be able to use your card for mail orders, phone, and online purchases. you can also use this card to withdraw cash from ATMs, credit unions, and banks or also getting cashback. funds can also be deducted from your card. You can also check the status of your key bank unemployment card online.

The key2 benefits card is a profitable card like any other credit card and you can get it issued from the state agency in the state you are residing.  It is very easy and simple to use this card once it gets activated. For more information, you can visit the FAQs section of the company and get all your queries cleared if you are serious about getting a key2benefits card. You can also use your card at the gas pump and several other places making life simple and easy.

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