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Macy’s is a very popular American department store chain that was founded in the year 1858 by Rowland hussy Macy’s. The headquarter of the company is located in New York.  There are different products like furniture, footwear, clothing, beauty products, accessories, bedding, and house wear.


My Insite

My insite Macys is an online portal created for the employees of Bloomingdale and Macy’s employees.  These two companies have a colossal employee base and this is why the portal was designed. This portal assists employees when it comes to connecting with the company in an efficient manner and they can also avail several perks here.

This portal provides employees with the HCM features and they can access and manage their tasks easily.  Using portal schedule can be directly viewed, payslips, leaves, etc.  Everything that is related to employees is accessible through this portal.  Not only the existing employees but also the ones who have retired from the company can have access to the portal.

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Every employee is allotted the id and password which employees can use to log in to the portal and have easy and instant access. Employees get unique ids and passwords for my insite employee login which means outsiders and illegal users cannot have access to the employee’s information under any condition. It is hard to even get through the login page for the outsiders. 

This assures that the information of the employees is kept safe and secure.  No one can leak or use the information for their own profits or against the employees.

Why it is important to have a login account for employees?

If you are an employee at Macy’s then having an online account means more perks which are mentioned below

  • There are employee help programs  and to get through them you will need my insite login
  • Because you are an employee you can voluntarily donate to the good cause
  • The company matches the contributions of employees
  • Your child can win scholarships worth $1000
  • You can have access to the deals and discounts  being an employee

These are the benefits that you are going to gain out of your accounts at the online portal of my inside Macy’s and these definitely cannot be skipped. Not many companies offer so many perks to their employees so you are lucky and must have a login account.

How to login at Macy’s insite?

It is very simple and will just take few minutes to get access to your account

First of all, visit the official website of the company

  • You will be provided with an 8 digit employee ID  and password
  • After my insite macys login in click on the login button and you are done
  • You can also retrieve or create new passwords in case you forgot your password or needs to change it for the security purpose.  

With these simple steps you can have access to the deals, discounts my insite schedule, payslips, and many other features that specially designed for the employees working at the company. After login you can get hands on extra associate discounts, matching gifts, and much more.

So, make sure that you have your account active because this is the place where you will get all the updates that will help you enjoy plenty of perks working as an employee at Macy's. If you are a student working here you will get the best offers being an employee at Macy's and employee id.

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